Climate Change Infrastructure Investments Fueling Wind Energy Industry


Investing in renewal, green energy is no longer just a concept. It’s happening and several industries are on the move, including solar, battery storage systems and wind energy with the goal fo reducing worldwide dependence on fossil fuels to satisfy global energy demand.

The Inflation Reduction Act provides funding and tax credits for analysis and investment in wind energy projects, including offshore power generation.

Some of the wind energy companies that are benefitting from the Green Energy Movement include:

  • Eniti, Inc. (NETI) shares have jumped from $7.76 to $11.45 for over a 47% increase in share value
  • Clearway Energy (CWEN) has risen from $28 to $30 in June
  • TPI Composites, Inc. (TPIC)., maker of wind turbine blades, saw shares jump frum $8.55 to $12 since May.

Eniti (NETI) Daily Stock Chart. (Source: TradingView)

For more information on wind energy stocks in Q2 2023, click here

Stay tuned to Global Investment Daily as we continue to follow developments in this sector.

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