The Next Big Player As Money Piles into Generative AI


This year was the breakout year for Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI).

Tech companies, according to McKinsey, are positioned to see the most disruption from Gen Ai, “adding value equivalent to as much as 9 percent of global industry revenue”. 

When McKinsey conducted its latest Gen AI survey in April this year, the results astounded them. In a span of only six months, the generative AI conversation among C-suite executives went from entirely rudimentary to quite sophisticated. Hype became reality in the blink of an eye.

In the first sixth months of this year, venture capitalists poured over $15 billion into generative AI companies globally, according to Pitchbook. That’s a 58% increase year-over-year. 

One emerging public company is developing AI in lockstep with the energy transition. 

This AI is being trained on very specific data sets to create ‘digital twins’ of large swaths of land to prevent forest fires and significantly reduce costs for critical infrastructure projects, including urban planning and natural resource protection plans. These types of projects are funded by multi-trillion dollar organizations in insurance, mining, and government, and are further supercharged by environmental grants and economic necessity. 

Genesis AI Corp (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) is a remote sensing and analysis company that is acquiring large data sets and using AI to process them into risk mitigation tools to prevent the wildfires ravishing North America, introduce world-class precision forestry, give the mining industry a leg up in drilling and extraction, add desparately needed legitimacy to the to the booming carbon offset market and disrupt urban planning.  

Genesis’ AI is applicable to over $80 billion in combined markets—and counting.

Reimagining A Burning World With Genesis Ai

Mitigating wildfires, reinventing forestry, pinpointing natural resources for faster and cleaner mining operations, improving urban planning for greater efficiency, and giving the huge carbon offset market the one thing it needs most—credibility—is what Genesis Ai is all about. 

Genesis AI Corp (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) is developing to better manage natural resources through the building of digital twins of real-world forests that can be studied and manipulated for our benefit. Influenced by deep machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence, the applications are enormous and ground-breaking.

It’s intelligence-gathering that can help reset our biological assets and serve as the front-line in the war against climate change.

This year alone, we’ve watched some 18 million acres of land burn, ravaged by North American wildfires, and climate change is behind the increasing scale and frequency of these fires. 

Two things are negatively impacting our forests: Climate change and mismanagement. Climate change is creating warmer and drier conditions, while more drought and longer fire seasons are exponentially intensifying the risk of wildfire, with a single degree Celsius increase in temperature leading to three-digit-percentage increases in burn spread.  

Genesis AI Corp’s (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) new breed of AI in development offers us early detection so we can more effectively deploy resources to mitigate wildfires. It will help predict forest fire behavior, speed up response times and build more resilient forests by changing the way these lands are managed. It won’t just mitigate fires, either. It will help mitigate the risk of fire itself, through remote sensing and machine-learning.

With the Canadian government recently committing $256 million  to help solve the devastating wildfire problem, and the U.S. government investing $7 billion to manage the escalating wildfire crisis, Genesis is targeting a high-dollar segment of climate change damage control.  

It’s also working to corner the $6-billion Precision Forestry market, which McKinsey calls a “revolution in the woods”, and which the world-class team at Genesis sees as one of the most impactful and profitable applications of AI right now because it has the potential to increase productivity rates by up to 25% annually. Genesis’ is planning to help disrupt forestry by lowering delivered costs for wood and increasing wood yields, which in turn relieves pressure on forests, restoring an ecological balance. For the forestry industry, too, it’s money in the bank. And Genesis plans to do it all for half the cost of current solutions with its proprietary software.

It’s a forestry and agricultural revolution that has been likened to the Green Revolution of the 1960s. 

Carbon Offset: Reinventing True Value and Lending Credibility

Right now, despite market value hitting $2 billion in 2021, quadrupling from 2020, carbon offset has a major credibility problem. It’s a segment racked with fraud, abuse, and extreme uncertainty. Now that it’s headed to an astonishing $250 billion by 2050, according to Morgan Stanley, being able to verify those claims and determine the real carbon offset value is an urgent issue for companies and stakeholders.

Again, this can circle back to Genesis AI Corp (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) wildfire prevention development. Here’s how: Investing millions of dollars in forests for carbon offset projects represent a huge loss when those forests burn down. Genesis covers the risk mitigation for forests, and determines their true carbon offset value for stakeholders.

Genesis AI’s (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) proprietary technology also presents a massive opportunity for the mining industry and Genesis plans to be a disruptive force in urban planning. This is geospatial data analysis on a different level providing the most critical insight into geological characteristics that could make or break a junior explorer given the huge cost of drilling and missing. 

The Mining Module being developed by Genesis Ai is called GeoHarmony; it has proprietary applications, creating heat maps for high-value mineral zones crucial to our energy transition. The tech aggregates big data in hot zones, with metadata search functionality. It offers real-time analytics for drill teams and geologists to improve capital efficiency with a suite of advanced interpretation tools, including XYZ computer vision.  

Genesis also plans to take on urban planning for more sustainable, smart cities. This software market segment, worth $145 billion in 2021, is a climate change necessity. Genesis’ machine-learning algorithms and AI analyze traffic patterns and map out a better future that eases congestion and reduces emissions, in addition to mitigating risks of fires, floods and other natural disasters. Genesis heat-maps cities, catalogues biological assets, assess carbon footprints, studies animal migration and invasive species patterns and develops measures for improving and cooling cities naturally. 

Huge Customer Base Potential in Markets Worth $80 Billion

Led by a team of veteran forestry, AI, high-tech and M&A experts who have worked on billion-dollar projects, Genesis AI Corp (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF) is building the proprietary, powerful model that combines artificial intelligence and deep-tech as a holistic approach to tackling climate change and its impacts.

The margins and the revenue potential for Genesis Ai’s bespoke data intelligence is as big as the anticipated customer base, which runs the gamut from governments and landowners to fire officials, forestry companies, the agriculture industry, carbon project developers, commodities traders, insurance conglomerates, financial investors and hedge funds—all looking to get out in front of the next disaster; the next big jump in revenues; the next big thing.

The market is as infinite as AI itself, and Genesis is positioning itself in the leadership of a combined $80-billion market that is only getting bigger. AI is one of the fastest-moving developments the world has even seen, with sentiments and adoption changing at breakneck speed. Genesis Ai is at the forefront of it all, with development moving fast enough to lead to expectations of positive revenues next quarter already. 

Comparable Companies to Genesis AI Corp (CSE: AIG; OTC: AIGFF

Note: As of December 1, 2023 Genesis has a market cap of ~C$10 million; and a share price of ~0.17

  1. Pivotree (TSXV:PVT; OTC:PVTRF)

Market cap: C$43.9 million; share price: C$1.66

Toronto-based Pivotree is an industry leader in designing, building and managing digital platforms in the areas of commerce, data management and supply chains for over 250 major retail and branded manufacturers worldwide. The company’s digital solutions and its managed and professional services provide retailers with end-to-end solutions for the management of complex digital commerce platforms.

  1. Scope Carbon (CSE:SCPE; OTC:SCPCF)

Market cap: C$63.5million; share price: C$1.65

Carbon mapping technology company Scope Carbon is focused on the commercial development of its AI-driven image software. Its Scope Analysis platform targets the identification and estimation of carbon-based lifeforms and carbon emissions. The company intends for the platform to be a single-tool solution in carbon mapping for agriculture, forestry and other land-use projects.


Market cap: C$20.4 million; share price: C$0.115

AI and data intelligence company Fobi AI provides real-time applications to enable businesses to action, leverage and monetize their customer data, as well as improve their sustainability by reducing paper and plastic waste. The company’s customer base includes organizations around the world in industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, insurance, sports, entertainment and casino gaming.

  1. OneSoft Solutions (TSXV:OSS; OTC:OSSIF)

Market cap: C$86.6 million; share price: C$0.71

As a developer of cloud-based business solutions, OneSoft Solutions’ data science technology is based on the Microsoft Cloud platform and services, including Azure Machine Learning, predictive analytics, Power BI Embedded and Office 365. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Canada, develops and markets new software-as-a-service solutions to assist oil and gas pipeline operators using advanced data science and machine learning.

OneSoft recently entered into a service agreement with Jemena to provide the Australian energy infrastructure company with its Cognitive Integrity Management system to manage the safety and integrity of its extensive gas pipeline network. In its Q1 financials, OneSoft reported a 72 percent increase in total revenue for the quarter compared to the same period the previous year.

  1. Holdings (NYSE: BBAI)

BBAI has a market cap of $282 million and a public float of ~133 million shares, with 142 million shares outstanding. delivers AI and ML solutions for decision support. The company operates in two segments, Cyber & Engineering and Analytics, and offers high-end technology and consulting services. empowers its customers with real-time decision-making capabilities by aggregating, interpreting, and synthesizing data. YTD shares of are up 248%. 


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