Spotlight on Graphite Mining for EV Battery Production


In the global race to supply EV batteries, a critical component in the manufacturing process is graphite.

Graphite plays a crucial role in the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. It is used in the battery’s anode, which is the electrode through which the current flows into the battery during charging. Here’s how graphite is utilized in EV battery production: 

It’s the primary material used for the anode in lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in EVs. The anode is responsible for storing lithium ions during charging. Graphite has unique properties that make it suitable for this purpose. It has a layered structure that allows lithium ions to intercalate or insert between the layers, enabling the storage and release of energy.

Graphite’s properties, such as its high electrical conductivity and ability to intercalate lithium ions, make it an excellent choice for anodes. It allows for efficient charging and discharging of the battery, contributing to the overall performance and energy density of the EV battery.

Demand for Graphite


According to, graphite demand for lithium ion batteries is expected to double from 2 million tons today to 4 million tons by 2030. Currently, demand for graphite is outpacing supply.

Graphite Mining Company Spotlight

Syrah Resources, Ltd. (SYAAF)

This Australian company is positioned to be a dominant player in the industry. With a market cap of $411.35 million USD, the company has produced a record amount of 163,000 tons of graphite at its Balama plant in Mozambique. The company also has plans to expand operations in a U.S. plant in the near future.

At $.60 per share, SYAAF is trading near the bottom of its 52-week price range (0.5500 – 1.8200).

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