How AI Can Help Ukraine Win the War


As Russia continues its relentless attack on Ukraine, the need has never been more evident for Ukrainians to fight as efficiently as possible to stave off further Russian advances and to reclaim territory. Each side of the conflict is expending massive resources as the war rages on. Ammunition is starting to run out, and both sides are appealing for more help.

Part of fighting more efficiently is the ability to aggregate all available intelligence in record time and to quickly neutralize threats on the battlefield. Another part of the equation is to make sure that the right units are positioned in the right locations with the proper weaponry and ammunition to get the job done.

Logistics are key to making sure that advances are held on the battlefield. Russia has made numerous blunders in Putin’s obsession to drive deep into Ukraine. Tanks and armored personnel carriers ran out of fuel. To this day, there are serious conflicts between the Russian mercenary Wagner Group and the Russian military over ammunition shortages. Marginally trained Russian soldiers are being thrown into the front line “meat grinder” ill-prepared to fight or advance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Given Ukraine a Strategic and Tactical Advantage

In an Op-Ed to the Washington Post, David Ignatius dove deeply into AI software from Palantir, citing how the firm’s software allowed commanders to make fact-based decisions about Russian troop positions and troop movements from a wide variety of resources including satellite images, geothermal photos, tips from civilians, and other sources. 

The most important aspect to this is the sheer speed at which information is delivered. Before a detected Russian unit knows what’s going on, they are targeted and neutralized. The drone and artillery strike is recorded and a damage assessment is fed back into the Palantir software system.

Palantir software also has the capability to communicate and assess the combat readiness of each battalion, including:

·         Level of combat experience in the unit. Are these fresh recruits or seasoned veterans?

·         What kinds of weapons does the unit have in their possession?

·         What is the status of ammunition? How long can they sustain combat operations?

·         What about food and fuel?

These were once logistics issues that were murky at best.  But the landscape of material and resources being supplied to Ukrainian troops is inventoried and updated so that the Palantir can provide detailed reports for military command to know the exact status of personnel and equipment. And this information is available in a matter of seconds instead of weeks.

Between aggregating data on enemy positions while rapidly positioning and fortifying the right units in the battlefield, Ukraine has a marked advantage in this conflict. As long as they have the equipment and artillery to stay in the fight, there is a distinct possibility that they can wear the Russian occupiers down.

AI can help Ukraine win the war against Russian occupation, and Palantir is playing a large role in Ukraine ability to deploy and arm their troops efficiently. For more information visit Palantir’s website.

Stay tuned for further insights into the application of AI technologies across multiple industries.

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